Company Profile

Gamma North America, Inc. is proud to be one of the few major curtain wall, recladding, and window wall contractors with an integrated team of owners/partners in North America. The business began back in 1967 in Quebec. Since then, we have opened two additional offices in the U.S. and four in Canada. With over 500 employees and 22,000 square meters of owned-and-operated fabrication facilities in North America, Gamma has grown to become one of the largest curtain wall companies in the continent.

Customization is at the core of everything we do here at Gamma. Our expertise in custom design, unique solutions, fabrication, and the installation of tailor-made curtain wall systems sets us apart from the ready-made solutions many of our competitors offer.

We work with external partners to design, manage and deliver high performing building envelope modules and services and to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions imaginable. We excel in thermal performance across a wide variety of environments, ranging from the frigid cold winters of Winnipeg to the scorching hot summers of Dubai.

Gamma has an impressive set of state-of-the-art fabrication resources, including a 7,900 square meter plant in Quebec City, and 14,400 square meter plant in Buffalo, NY.

Known for our innovation and integrity, Gamma is also renowned for our exceptional reputation. We have performed curtain wall installation projects for some of the most notable and respected developers, public corporations, and government agencies across North America.

Gamma’s PHACTOR II became the first North American Passive House certified aluminium curtain wall, and the first Passive House certified Unitized Curtain Wall System worldwide, a distinction that brings us great pride. We look forward to unlocking our future potential as we embark on a new age of growth within our organization.