Gamma has operated for more than 40 years and is known for complex custom curtain wall construction for large scale commercial projects.


Expediting Excellence

In addition to the extensive testing Gamma preforms to ensure that your building can withstand unpredictable and extreme weather conditions, Gamma is committed to making your building safe by satisfying your architect’s building specifications for other environmental variables, such as ballistic testing and bomb blasting. We ensure that all of your building’s testing requirements are taken care of by the best in the field. We work side-by-side with trusted engineering companies to get the best test results.

Expedited Services:

  • Ballistic Testing
  • Sound Testing
  • Louver Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Bomb Blast Calculations

By expediting the testing to engineers with whom we have long-standing relationships, and who excel at producing Gamma quality test results, we guarantee that your building will meet every tested demand. Gamma is there to work for the test results you need, and we don’t start building until they are.

Visual Mock-ups

The esthetic design that you and your architect desire is one of our top priorities. We offer, by request, a finished sample of the glass products that are required for your job, so that the color, clarity, finish, thickness and overall quality can be viewed in person before construction. Visual mock-ups not only help you visualize the finished façade, but they also give you the peace of mind that what you’ve ordered is what you’re getting. In addition, your architect may request a Workmanship Mock-up, which allows them to inspect and approve the product as the first panel is installed during construction.

Visual Mock Up
Visual Mock Up
Visual Mock Up
Progression: On-Site assembly of the Visual Mock-Up for the new Police Academy in Queens, NY.

Performance Mock-up

A key component in Gamma’s problem-avoidance approach is our performance mock-up testing procedures. Every glazing solution is tested for the site requirements and weather variables that could impact your building’s envelope integrity, according to the common conditions affecting each location. This tailored testing assures that your building envelope is custom designed and constructed with safety and integrity as our priorities.

Because each project envelope design is unique, Gamma provides a tailored glazing enclosure based upon the clients’ requirements; we build specific specimens for visual and performance testing approvals. These tests’ records are a testament to our dedication to getting the job done right, not only during the first phases of your project, but through to its completion. We maintain this standard of detail orientation until your project is delivered, and you are satisfied.

At Gamma, we entrust our testing to the best engineering teams available, and they use state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to test our dynamic curtain wall/window wall products to assure that our materials and your design are able to withstand extreme environmental variables. We custom test for those weather condition by which your building’s site could be impacted.

“We search for the best in the business to test and supply our materials, keeping in mind cost, quality, and the unique demands of every window wall, curtain wall or recladding job.”