We hire qualified candidates who have skills, knowledge and experience in engineering, manufacturing and installation of Curtainwall (building envelopes). We also hire qualified candidates who have skills, knowledge and experience in Administration and Finance. Build a rewarding career by applying to one of the following exciting positions across North America.


Job Title: Financial Analyst

Job ID #: FA0812

Employer: Gamma USA Inc

Worksite: 200 Hudson St, Ste 900, Jersey City, NJ 07311


  • Monitor cash flow projections, evaluate and analyze financial performance and present results in PowerBI or Tableau. Review general ledger postings and provide dynamic analysis through STATA or R. Coordinate with project teams on budget estimation and cost control. Develop, improve and manage the company's financial database in Excel, SQL, and VBA. Use Python to perform data mining and cleaning. Track global and domestic industry economic changes such as raw material price and exchange rate fluctuation, and provide predictive analytics about the impact on the company’s projects. Provide strategic advice on finance functions and suggestions to hedge potential risk. Evaluate industrial trends by analyzing articles from financial publications, government agencies, and other public sources. Track new trends in the construction field, such as the application of new material or new construction methods. Provide financial suggestions for the company’s corporate growth.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, or a related field;
  • 12-month work experience as Financial Analyst;
  • Proficient with Power BI or Tableau; Proficient in R or STATA; and Proficient in Excel (VLOOKUP, conditional and statistical functions), SQL, VBA, and Python.

To apply, mail CV with Job ID#: FA0812 to Jeremy, 200 Hudson St, Ste 900, Jersey City, NJ 07311.