About Gamma

Our motto is “Performance Assured”. We can say this with confidence because we have carefully-crafted proven operating principles that have successfully executed over hundreds of projects worldwide.


We Are The Only!

We are the only major curtain wall, recladding and window wall contractor with an integrated team of owners-partners who lead and manage every single facet of a client’s project. From design and shop drawings to engineering, fabrication and installation, an owner is committed and responsible to you, our client.

We are the only team that has worked together since 1967, ranking as the longest continuously operating owner management team at a major building facade construction company in North America.

We are one of only a few companies in the industry that custom manufactures (on our own fabrication lines) all of our products. This division is one of only a very few in the industry that is 100% integrated into the fabrication process.


International Presence

In 2011 Gamma became a part of the Far East Global Group Limited. Our customers now enjoy a high level of global flexibility in fabrication options.

Two Fabricating Shops

To assure quality and cost control, speed and maximum fabrication flexibility, we has one of largest owned-and-operated curtain wall fabrication capabilities in Buffalo and Quebec shops.